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The purpose of the home staging is to turn your house in the most attractive house to the taste of the largest number of potential buyers.

Here is a list of 10 better things to do to sell quickly your property. We hope that these few tricks will allow you to sell your property more quickly and to the price you wish to obtain.



Get detach emotionally

First of all, during the sale of your residence, you have to begin by stopping seeing your house as being yours. With years, we accumulate good memories and we have to see it now as a visitor would see it.


The first look from the outside

The outside of your property is the element which is seen in the first one by every potential visitor. It is thus important to make so that the outside aspect of the property is at the top. Otherwise, the potential visitors risk to change their path or opinion of the property even before having set foot inside.


Photos on Web and in the other media

The sales of houses, condo and other types of residential and commercial properties are now made more frequently by Web. It is advisable that the photos you present on the Web are optimal. If you take your photos, make sure you remove details which are too personal in particular. 


Lots of space

Very often, the buyers wish for a property which has or which appears to have lots of space. Thus, it is advisable to remove as much as possible objects or furniture which could be in the way.



Sometimes, so that the inside or the outside seems for the better better being, is enough only a small touch of paint. To repaint a wall or two sometimes allows to publish your much younger, more spacious house and with current tastes. The warm colors will visit of the more pleasant property.



Small repair and finish 

Sometimes, little holes can be easily repaired. Target these few little  imperfections and repair them. Sometimes, a small defect can quickly create a very negative thought for a visitor. He can then prefer another property to yours.



Any personal object or characters of a religion or a membership to a group should be put in a not visible place. A very simple thing, as a poster of your soccer team or your preferred hockey player or another crucifix for example, could be for certain people an element which would make them prefer another property.


Refresh (Cool)

Certain very simple tasks will allow to refresh your property and will allow to sell it much more quickly. You could for example, think of renting objects and furniture during the sale period to emphasize the property and refresh it.


Effect of the light

A house full of light gives the effect to be warmer and pleasant to visit. Make sure to switch on the lights, to open curtains and blinds to let penetrate the light into the property. You will notice the change in the look of the visitors.


The music 

Make sure to put a soft background music to create a beautiful sound atmosphere. Do not follow them everywhere in the house. Stay at their disposal without disturbing them by speaking too much or in interpelant non-stop.

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